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"I had a dress in my garage for years that I couldn’t fit into.  I was about to give it away.  After my tummy tuck I decided to try and wear it to a fancy dinner.  Everyone that evening commented on how much they loved my dress.  But I knew that it wasn’t the dress, it was me in the dress that they loved."

"Dr. Evans is my hero!"

"There could not possibly be enough positive words to describe my entire experience. From my initial consultation through my last follow up I felt I was in the best possible hands. Through my consultation and my time with the sizers, myself and my partner thought we knew what size I was ready to have for implants. My main concern was lack of fullness up top, and I wanted a VERY natural appearance. When I woke from surgery I was thrilled with the results and completely surprised when he said he used an implant considerably smaller than what I thought I wanted. He said he tried the larger ones and knew immediately I would end up with the exact opposite result I wanted. From that day on (8 months after surgery) I am still so thankful he listened and gave me the absolute most amazing results! Your are the best Dr. Robin Evans."

“Painless…Dr. Evans really did a great job!”

"I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my breast augmentation revision . (Dr Evans fixed someone else's work). The quality of care that Dr.evans and his staff provide is incredible. I got a surgery date without hardly any wait. The surgery was a breeze, and a wonderful nurse came to my house the next day, as well as two more office check ups within 2 weeks. I also had 3 moles removed a month ago and they have healed so well that there might not be any scars. I would highly recommend Dr. Evans and his team, and he would definintly be the surgeon I would go to if I need anything else done."

“I’ve never been so comfortable in a Doctor’s office.”

“Better than the Ironman triathlon finish line.”

"Dr. Evans is an amazing doctor and I'm so lucky that I found him! I called his office 5 or 6 days after having a labiaplasty procedure done by an OBgyn. The receptionist said they had an opening the following day which was great because I needed to be seen quickly. Dr. Evans and Amanda were so amazing right from the start. I explained that I thought my labiaplasty had gone terribly wrong and I was in a lot of discomfort and very depressed. They both comforted me and told me that no matter what, Dr. Evans would be able to help me. I felt extremely comfortable while I was examined and Dr. Evans agreed that we needed to go right back into surgery to fix everything because it would heal terribly if we waited. Surgery went really well and each week things got better and better. I can't say how happy I am that I met Dr. Evans and his staff! I'm now going to be a repeat customer with my next procedure being a breast augmentation. Every time I go for an appointment we have lots of laughs and Dr. Evans always answers all my questions and concerns. He really is an awesome doctor and Campbell River is so lucky to have him!"

“I love them!”

"Dr. Evans and his staff are absolutely amazing! He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, well mannered, among many other amazing qualities. I am beyond pleased with his work! Dr. Evans is an exceptional surgeon and I highly recommend him!"

“I was able to borrow clothes from my skinny sister.”

"Today I went in for a follow up regarding my tummy tuck and brought up that I was thinking about getting some more Botox and lip filler done. Dr. Evans kindly offered to go grab Candyce for a quick consult. After speaking with Candyce about what I wanted, I asked if they would possibly be able to fit me in, and they did! I was half kidding even, and not expecting a yes; again I am so impressed with how accommodating Dr. Evans and his staff are. I am so happy with the service I receive every time I visit. I would also like to add that Candyce is very sweet, professional and knowledgeable. I very much appreciate her squeezing me in today even though I know she was quite busy. Needless to say, I am one happy customer, again! I highly recommend Dr. Evans & Candyce if you are interested in Botox and Fillers :)"